Fix ios 7 stock app crash

Some people getting this problem after install appsync, and also me. Some stock app like safari, mail, calculator and weather app crash.
I think it because we install appsync after install cydia tweaks.
Here simple step how to fix it, and it work for some users, but not work for me. I use fix 2.

Fix 1 :

1. Open cydia and remove or uninstall appsync. If you have afc2add install, uninstall it too.
And do reboot.

2. Locate to var/mobile/Library/cache/, remove this 2 file :

3. And do reboot again. Dont respring, because it will not work. After reboot if u find all install app gone, dont worry. It will back again.
And try and make sure some stock app now will work or still crash. If still crash, try this :

Fix 2 :

Here we need appsync install and ipa installer for install .ipa file.

1. Go to cydia and install appsync

2. Locate to var/stash/Applications.xxxx/ and rename the app like this :

3. Do reboot

4. Download this file and install with ipa installer or ifunbox.
Calculator app

Mobile safari

Weather app

Hope this can help. Thanks for reading.

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