Remove languages packs

This part continue from Freeing memory.

On this tutorial we will removed unused the language using MobileTerminal.
First you need to download from cydia. Open cydia and add this source When finish, search and install :
MobileTerminal (new)

If finish, close cydia and open MobileTerminal.
When MobileTerminal open, just type :
su, then enter/return
alpine, then enter/return. When u type, the cursor will not move, so dont bother it.
lang2.2, then enter/return.

After this, wait a while. And until u see the language, with yellow colour, just type y or n for remove the language. Just follow the instruction on the screen. When finish, reboot ur iPhone.
Hope this can help u.

Please leave ur comments.

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15 Responses to Remove languages packs

  1. Smith says:

    Site Photoshop Killer can tell you whether the image was Photoshopped. Just submit the suspicious image and you can get the result. JPEG file’s exif tags are used to do such classifications.

  2. Sharon says:

    this worked awesome thanks so much

  3. Zach says:

    I ran this and I can still use/change to different languages in keyboard setting. Is it like that? I tried running the script again but nth more to delete. So did it work or what?

    iPhone 4S. 5.0.1.

    • MobileVon says:

      Of course, this will not affect your keyboard language. This language pack just to remove your system language. After u remove it, u will not to use that language u has remove it in setting-general-international-language

  4. scaryeire36 says:

    everything works up till i type lang2.2 it comes back with an error message saying command not regonised any one know about this and can u help me please

  5. scaryeire36 says:

    sorry i fixed it and its runnin now searching for language packs as i type

  6. mjchopperboy says:

    Is it possible to restore the languages? Deleting some of them destroyed my Installous!

  7. mjchopperboy says:

    Already tried. It’s desperate. Must restore langpacks… 😥

  8. Duls says:

    I do everything right up till it asks me to wait to search for langpacks.. And that takes forever! What can I do?? Please help!

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