How to get more free memory on iPhone (4)

This part continoue from part 3. If you first time in this page, please read here :

Part 3


After u make / create link, dont try to move or rename the target link. If u do that before delete the Link first, later u need to remove all inside the original folder when u want to create back. So I recommend


On this tutorial dont rename the default folder or filename, we just move it and create Link

I recommend you Using iFILE

Step 1 :
Navigate to System/Library/Fonts

There I already make it, its ok

Step 2 :
My target link name is System~Link.
Goto var/stash/……...
Inside System~Link folder make new folder call Fonts. You will see like this

Step 3 :
Open Fonts folder that u just create, then paste here what u just copy on step 1. It will look like this :

Still in here, copy the Cache folder that u just paste. Now this will for create link.

Step 5 :
After u copy the Cache folder from Var/stash/……./Fonts,go to System/Library/Fonts, slide the Cache folder to delete it.
Then :



Then touch DONE. It will look like this

Try to touch that, and see if right will bring u to var/stash/…../fonts/cache or not.

If finish, reboot ur iPhone.
Hope this can help u.

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  2. 678goddess says:

    Sounds kinda fishy! easy don’t normally get the results expected.ill giv it a go see where that goes.thanx either way was time spent.

  3. I read this article completely regarding the comparison of
    hottest and earlier technologies, it’s amazing article.

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