How to get more free memory on iPhone ( 1 )

After update to 4.3.1, My iphone only have 78 mb memory on RAM, its not yet install anything in cydia.
I will show to you How to get more space memory on ur iphone like this in my 3gs

On this part, we will remove the unused TextInput.
With Ifile, navigate to system/Library/TextInput

Touch to open the TextInput folder, then delete u dont use the text input folder. This is for keyboard language.

as u see, I only leave two I use the keyboard Language, and EMOJI.

Do reboot or GO TO PART 2

Please leave ur comment

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I'm writing and publishing this blog using my iphone. So, please leave ur comment about this blog or what u read. ------------------- Blog ini di tulis dan di publikasikan langsung dari iphone. Mohon tinggalkan komentar anda.
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4 Responses to How to get more free memory on iPhone ( 1 )

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  4. Akmal says:

    Does it really effect cause I remove much but the language is still there in settings, keyboard, languages…where actually these file be used at ?

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