Smooth your iphone

This tutorial can make your idivice little fast and run smooth, with remove or delete subfolder end with .lproj . Before you do that, I recommends you back up that folder first if you using ssh. If using ifile, going to setting and turn on USING TRASH. So you can get back if you want it again or make wrong.
If u worry will make crash your iphone, try to do with your apps you install from app store or installous. Its simple, if crash you can delete and install that apps again.
Open ifile or ssh to Var/mobile/Application, then find that apps or games with .app folder. Open it and remove the languages with end .lproj subfolder. If you’re using english, you can delete other language except english. After that reboot your idivice.

If you like more, navigate to Var/stasth/Applications.

Delete the you don’t use the language folder .lproj. If you use emoji, dont delete japanese.lproj.

This the language I use, so I leave it.

Reboot your idivice.

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I'm writing and publishing this blog using my iphone. So, please leave ur comment about this blog or what u read. ------------------- Blog ini di tulis dan di publikasikan langsung dari iphone. Mohon tinggalkan komentar anda.
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